"Pada Seva means to serve the lotus feet of Guru and Krishna.You cannot serve Krishna without Guru, or serve just Guru without serving Krishna. They must be served or offered pada seva simultaneously." - Srila Prabhupada

Understand Karma Yoga - Understand Your Life | Spiritual Course | Bhagavad Gita

Everyone must engage in some sort of activity in this world. But actions can either bind one to this world or liberate one from it.

By acting for the pleasure of the Supreme, without selfish motives, one can be liberated from the law of karma (action and reaction) and attain transcendental happiness & knowledge of the self and the Supreme.

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Kolkata brings to you a five-session seminar on the third Chapter of Srimad Bhagavad-gita, Karma yoga. 

Venue: Andhra Association, Rasbehari, Kolkata
Contact: 98315 56450 / 86978 52940
Starting from: 12th May 2019

Lesson 1: — Secret of Action

Arjuna asks Lord Sri Krishna, “What is the best way to work”?
Whether to be situated in knowledge and not perform any work
to work alone and not have any concern about the results obtained thereof.

Lesson 2:  — Action in renounced spirit

How to work with knowledge and detachment?
What is the best way to work for the satisfaction of the Supreme?
How action with a noble spirit allows the soul (active by nature) to be purified through detached

Lesson 3: — From Action in Selfish spirit to action in Holistic spirit

If one cannot work dutifully with detachment; is it better to follow the work with attachment?
However, in all cases how to do all such work for the pleasure of the Supreme?

Lesson 4: — Working in Leadership Spirit

A leader always acts dutifully without attachment and always sets the correct example for others, especially who are less advanced.

Lesson 5: — Dangers of LUST and ANGER

The two greatest enemies which foil all one's performance of duties and spoils life.
Only by regulating our senses and strengthening our intelligence can we be able to control lust & Anger.

A desire for exploiting and abusing the resources of material nature is the greatest enemy of a person; but by the strength of Supreme, one can control one's senses, the mind and the intelligence. One may not give up work and prescribed duties all of a sudden; but by gradually developing Krishna consciousness, one can be situated in transcendental happiness without being influenced by the material senses and the mind—by steady intelligence directed toward one's pure identity. This is the sum and substance of Karma yoga.

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Venue: Andhra Association, Rasbehari, Kolkata
Contact: 98315 56450 / 86978 52940
Starting from: 12th May 2019

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