"Pada Seva means to serve the lotus feet of Guru and Krishna.You cannot serve Krishna without Guru, or serve just Guru without serving Krishna. They must be served or offered pada seva simultaneously." - Srila Prabhupada

  • "A highly advanced Vaisnava lives in such a way that no one can understand what he is or what he was." (Srimad-Bhagavatam, 7.3.14, Purport)
  • "... there is nothing as profitable as the association of pure devotees." (Teachings of Lord Caitanya, Page 341)
  • "By the mercy of the spiritual master one receives the benediction of Krsna. Without the grace of the spiritual master, one cannot make any advancement." (Sri Sri Gurv-astaka, Verse 8)
  • "A pure devotee cannot forget the Supreme Lord for a moment, and similarly, the Supreme Lord cannot forget His pure devotee for a moment." (Bhagavad-gita As It Is, 8.15, Purport)
  • "The Spiritual Master is present wherever his sincere disciple is trying to serve his instructions. " (Srila Prabhupada letter, 12/01/73)
  • "I was born in the darkest ignorance, and my spiritual master opened my eyes with the torchlight of knowledge. I offer my respectful obeisances unto him." (Sri Guru Pranama)
  • "My dear Partha, one who claims to be My devotee is not so. Only a person who claims to be the devotee of My devotee is actually My devotee." (Lord Krsna, Adi Purana)
  • "Pure devotees of the Lord are more powerful than the waters of the sacred river Ganges. One can derive spiritual benefit out of prolonged use of the Ganges waters. But one can be sanctified at once by the mercy of a pure devotee of the Lord." (Srimad-Bhagavatam, 1.1.15, Purport)
  • "No one can approach the Supreme Personality of Godhead directly. One must approach Him through His pure devotees." (Nectar of Devotion, Chapter 12)
  • "Real knowledge can be obtained from a person who is in perfect Krsna consciousness. Therefore, one has to seek out such a bona fide spiritual master and, under him, learn what Krsna consciousness is. The spiritual master can drive away all nescience, as the sun drives away darkness." (Bhagavad-gita As It Is, 5.16, Purport)

The Mafia in Krishna Consciousness

Very recently our heart was shattered by a brutal terror attack, in India. Speaking about terrorist attacks, we must be vigilant and extra careful not to become a victim. 

Even in our journey of back to Spiritual Abode, Goloka Vrindavan, there is a risk from many mafia agents. Each moment we are at war with them. 

There is a famous quote which says 
If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not to fear the result of a hundred battles.

Let us know our enemies carefully and also know our self-defense. 

Master Mind Gangster: Maya Devi and Kaliyuga
Everything is actually orchestrated by these two partners. Very expertly they set up everything to make a devotee fall down from the path of Krishna Consciousness.

Spoiled Friend: Mind
The mind can be misleading. Just like a spoiled friend, mind leads us into the wrong association of these potential threats. 

Petty Street Hooligans: Materialistic People 
Street Hooligans are notoriously involved in breaking the peaceful ambiance of a society. A peaceful day turns chaotic because of sudden fights or stone attacks by these kinds of people. They can't be logically dealt with. Intelligence is to avoid confronting them. 

A similar act is done by materialistic people. They can shatter a peaceful spiritual day by their stone-like atheistic or materialistic words. Scriptures and Acharyas warn us to avoid their association or at least minimize to bare necessity. 

Cyber Criminals: Entertainment Industries
Cyber Criminals attack internet users and steal their secret information like user id, password, bank details etc. The victim gets penalized by an empty bank account.

There was a time when there used to be true "Family Shows" and healthy comedy shows on TV which could be enjoyed by everyone in a family. However, the Entertainment Industry nowadays is nothing more an advertisement agency to break the four pillars of spiritual life - No Meat-Eating, No Gambling, No Illicit Relation, and No Intoxication.

Just like the cybercriminals steal credentials, these industries steal the intellect of an aspiring devotee. They become attracted to the animalistic life promoted with the false promise of happiness.  

Drug Dealers: Fake Gurus
Drug dealers use very tactful and promising words to attract their clients. Their initial warm welcoming words lead the victim to poisonous drugs. Least bothered about the health of their victims, they sell drugs only for money. 

All the flowery language used by fake gurus, swamis, self-proclaimed Godmen and so-called incarnations are nothing more than the trap of a drug dealer. Many times they will disregard the Vedic literature which exposes their true identity.  They attract people looking for a shortcut in the spiritual life. However sweet may their words be or however intellectual may their words be, they are selling nothing more than poison for it is a warning in scriptures. 

sampradaya vihina ye mantras te nisphala matah
atah kalan bhavisyanti catvarah sampradayinah
If one does not follow the four recognized disciplic successions, his mantra or initiation is useless. In the age of Kali there will be four sampradayas.
Padma Puran / Garga samhita 10.61.26

Suicide Bomber: Gossipers 
Suicide bombers hide the explosives undercover and associates with an unsuspected victim. And soon both of them are dead. 

As we get into the devotee association, sometimes we carry the misgivings of material culture. We bring in the culture of fault findings, envy, jealousy, pride. Soon we also start to gossip (do prajalpa) in devotee association. Anyone who is having a nature of gossiping is a potential suicide bomber. For certain his spiritual growth is destroyed and so is ours. The only way to help ourselves is to run away from such a person. 

Deadliest Terrorist: Mayavadis  
Hard-core terrorists are merciless, ruthless killing machines. They cherish the genocide and homicide and consider these heinous acts as their achievements. Sometimes Mayavadi attaches religious reasons for their inhuman activities. They pervert the actual meaning of holy scriptures and give their interpretation to support their activities. Their intelligence is so perverted that they do not realize they are committing sin.

Mayavadis are no better than this class of demoniac people. They twist the scriptural injunctions and cook their own interpretations. They come up with theories like Joto Mot toto Poth, Manav Seva Madhav Seva, Daridra Narayan, Everyone is God etc. The most heinous crime they do is, they deny the beautiful form of Lord. Because of this offensive nature, anyone who hears or reads such a theory or from such a person, his devotional life comes to an end forever. 

This is confirmed in the Padma Purāṇa Uttara-khaṇḍa (25.7), in the words of Lord Śiva himself:

māyāvādam asac chāstraṁ 
pracchannaṁ bauddham ucyatemayaiva 
kalpitaṁ devi kalau brāhmaṇa-rūpiṇā
brahmaṇaś cāparaṁ rūpaṁ nirguṇaṁ vakṣyate 
mayāsarva-svaṁ jagato ’py asya 
mohanārthaṁ kalau yugevedānte 
tu mahā-śāstre māyāvādam avaidikammayaiva 
vakṣyate devi jagatāṁ nāśa-kāraṇāt

"The Māyāvāda philosophy," Lord Śiva informed his wife Pārvatī, "is impious (asac chāstra). It is covered Buddhism. My dear Pārvatī, in Kali-yuga I assume the form of a brāhmaṇa and teach this imagined Māyāvāda philosophy. In order to cheat the atheists, I describe the Supreme Personality of Godhead to be without form and without qualities. Similarly, in explaining Vedānta I describe the same Māyāvāda philosophy in order to mislead the entire population toward atheism by denying the personal form of the Lord."
Padma Purāṇa Uttara-khaṇḍa (25.7)

In the Śiva Purāṇa Lord Vishnu told Lord Śiva:
dvāparādau yuge bhūtvā kalayā mānuṣādiṣusvāgamaiḥ kalpitais tvaṁ ca janān mad-vimukhān kuru
"In Kali-yuga, mislead the people in general by propounding imaginary meanings for the Vedas to bewilder them."

Padma Purāṇa,  Lord Śiva tells Pārvatī:
śṛṇu devi pravakṣyāmi tāmasāni yathā-kramamyeṣāṁ śravaṇa-mātreṇa pātityaṁ jñāninām apiapārthaṁ śruti-vākyānāṁ darśayal loka-garhitamkarma-svarūpa-tyājyatvam atra ca pratipādyatesarva-karma-paribhraṁśān naiṣkarmyaṁ tatra cocyateparātma-jīvayor aikyaṁ mayātra pratipādyate

"My dear wife, hear my explanations of how I have spread ignorance through Māyāvāda philosophy. Simply by hearing it, even an advanced scholar will fall down. In this philosophy, which is certainly very inauspicious for people in general, I have misrepresented the real meaning of the Vedas and recommended that one give up all activities in order to achieve freedom from karma. In this Māyāvāda philosophy I have described the jīvātmā and Paramātmā to be one and the same."

Śrīla Prabhupāda writes in CC purport of Adi 7.110
The Māyāvādī philosophers have presented their arguments in such attractive, flowery language that hearing Māyāvāda philosophy may sometimes change the mind of even a mahā-bhāgavata, or very advanced devotee. An actual Vaiṣṇava cannot tolerate any philosophy that claims God and the living being to be one and the same.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has also given clear warning 
Śrīpāda Śaṅkarācārya has described all the Vedic literatures in terms of indirect meanings. One who hears such explanations is ruined.
Sri Caitanya Caritamrita 1.7.109

Śaṅkarācārya, who is an incarnation of Lord Śiva, is faultless because he is a servant carrying out the orders of the Lord. But those who follow his Māyāvādī philosophy are doomed. They will lose all their advancement in spiritual knowledge.

Sri Caitanya Caritamrita 1.7.114

However, each one of us is having a facility to safeguard ourselves from the attack of these vicious agents

Field Marshal: Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu 
General: Acharyas of bonafide Sampradaya like Srila Prabhupada 
Brigadier: Spiritual Master
Colonel: Mentors or Counselors 
Soldiers: Devotees
Bunker: Devotee Association 
Hand Grenades: Scriptures 
Machine Gun: Chanting the Mahamantra
Nuclear Bomb Shield: Shelter of Krishna

Let us all use our self-defense, only then can we remain safe in the journey back to Godhead.


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Lessons from a Traffic Jam

5th November 2018, 7 PM, Rusha, myself and a senior devotee started from Salt Lake to catch Howrah Puri Superfast express, scheduled departure, 10:35 PM.

For the last two days, we three were discussing how to reach Howrah by avoiding the infamous traffic jam. So we came out with a foolproof plan to leave by 7:00 PM (3.5 hours early), catch the ferry and will reach station well in advance. We checked the website, it says the last ferry is at 9:00 PM. Confident on the flawless plan we knew we were in complete control of the situation.

Throughout the journey we were laughing and enjoying and sharing the experiences we had last year, we were all excited to be a part of the magnificent Yatra. Lost in our conversation we didn't notice the time. Soon we got stuck in a traffic signal for almost 15 minutes.  I saw it was slightly over 8 PM and GPS said we were 6 mins away from the destination. We congratulated each other on our intelligence. I stretched my arms, warming up to get down.

But when the signal went green, the GPS behaved crazy and it misleads our driver, who took a wrong turn and now the GPS said 35 mins to reach. We asked the speeding driver if he was sure about the route, he said he was following the GPS so no need to worry.

After 40+ mins our car halted in a dark lane with no street light and he said we have reached !!! To our left was mother Ganges and to our right was a huge wall. It was definitely not our destination!!! We asked a passerby the direction to the ghat and he said it was on the other side of the river. Hare Krishna!!! We asked the driver to quickly take us there. Once we reached the main road, the route seemed familiar. We had already lost 20 mins by now. GPS said we were 3 mins away and it was almost 9:00 PM. Just to be double sure we asked a local person about the route. To our horror he said, the route was OK but the last ferry left at 8:00 PM. So the ghat was already closed.

We went numb. We three looked at each other and requested the driver to take us to Howrah. GPS showed some 16 KMs and 1hr 45 mins. The entire route was marked red, indicating traffic jam. Our plan was meant to bypass this jam. No way could we reach in time.

I can imagine a few personalities somewhere above us, mocking at our supposedly Foolproof plan.

The car moved ahead for a minute and halted for ten. Each minute was impossible to bear. Anxiety and anticipation were taking upon us. I saw the devotee praying with his folded hands, Rusha was chanting intensely. Foolish me was still sitting and contemplating on the possibilities. I realized it was time to surrender. I too started chanting but my concentration went off by every break that the driver took.

Feeling helpless, I closed my eyes and thought to myself, whether I open my eyes or close my eyes or be anxious or not, the situation is not going to change. The car is driven by the driver and not me. The situation is managed by "someone" and not me. In the entire situation, I am just a helpless puppet. So why be anxious.

I tried to focus on the holy names, praying to Gurudev and Krishna to be merciful on to us.

To cut the remaining story short, by the sincere prayers of the other two devotees, miraculously we three reached well ahead in time.

However, this episode had taught me 2 very strong lessons, which I shamelessly keep forgetting again and again.

1. No matter how well we plan, for our future (be it career, marriage, family, education, retirement, health, wealth) we must never think we are in control or safe. We can just put our endeavor and there are 4 factors which decide whether our plan be foolproof or not.

The place of action [the body], the performer, the various senses, the many different kinds of endeavor, and ultimately the Supersoul – these are the five factors of action.
Bhagavad Gita 18.14

2. It is revealed in scriptures that we are controlled by too many elements, the 3 modes of material nature, the heavenly planets, the demigods, the 5 factors of actions and what not.

Three categories of people behave differently in any given situation.
Foolish arrogant people think they can shape their destiny by their own effort. These people repeatedly suffer from frustration and anxiety. Thus most of them find solace in intoxication because they think it cools their nerve.

Less intelligent people understand they are controlled, so they worship higher authorities like each and every demigod they come to know about, wear astrological rings and lockets etc. Even after this, these people suffer from anxiety. So they keep hopping from one demigod to another and from one astrologer to another.

Intelligent class of people is those who understand and remember that all these controlling factors are dancing in tune with Krishna's sweet will. So if Krishna wishes by His own sweet will, even a practically impossible task can easily be accomplished. All we need is to have faith in Him and hand over the steering of our car to Him. Anxiety and anticipation will not help us in any way but will make us frustrated and vulnerable to cardiac diseases.

We must always keep these two lines deeply engraved in our heart, as said by Srila Prabhupada
Rakhe krsna mare ke, mare krsna rakhe ke"If Krsna wants to kill you, who can save you? Nobody can save you. And if Krsna wants to protect you, who can kill you?"

Avashya Rakshibe Krishna-Vishvasa, PalanaComplete Faith in Krishna as Protector

Hare Krishna!!


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Who won?

Once there was a huge dispute between the strength of Heatus and Coolus. So they were summoned to the great arena of Temperus and asked to demonstrate their strength.

Heatus took the first step and flamed a candle.
Coolus dropped an ice cube on it. The flame went off.
Heatus burnt a paper and threw it on the ice cube. Ice disappeared.
Coolus took the burning paper and threw it in the LG refrigerator. Fire went off.
Heatus took the refrigerator and threw it in a blast furnace, refrigerator melted with all ice it contained.
Coolus threw the blast furness in a huge iceberg and it went cold.
Heatus threw the iceberg in a volcano, it melted off

The fight continues but let's take a  break with this question - Who is the winner?

In every round, we see that the party with greater volume wins. And in next round that winner is defeated by the opponent, again because of its volume.

Every moment we have a similar fight in our spiritual life, fight against Maya.

We come in the association of devotees, study Scriptures, chant our rounds to spiritually strengthen ourselves from Maya's attacks. To guard ourselves, we have to increase our sadhana volume by regular chanting, reading, hearing, associating with devotees.

We must understand how rare this opportunity of Krishna Consciousness is.
Out of many thousands among men, one may endeavor for perfection, and of those who have achieved perfection, hardly one knows Me in truth. 
Bhagavad Gita 7.3

After many births and death, he who is actually in knowledge surrenders unto Me, knowing Me to be the cause of all causes and all that is. Such a great soul is very rare. 
Bhagavad Gita 7.19

When we are Maya Conscious we have to helplessly undergo the painful cycle of 84 lakh species and we are not sure after how many millions of lifetimes we will get another chance to practice Krishna Consciousness.

Many times we find people come in Krishna Consciousness with high enthusiasm but cannot continue long, because of a simple reason, Maya is stronger than their self-defense (sadhana). She gives them innumerable logics and reasons to avoid becoming Krishna Consciousness. Because of weak Sadhana, they believe those reasons.

It is seen very practically, the association or assembly of devotees is a place where everyone comes together, learn together, glorify the Supreme Personality of Godhead- Krishna. As time passes, we are taught the basics of our self-defense mechanism, i.e. Sadhana, Chanting - Hearing - Reading-Serving-Associating. Most important of the 4 are Regular Chanting and Association. This is the only defense we have against Maya.

Some of us take it seriously, some don't.

In a matter of time, we can see a change in the level of interest. As the months pass we can see a difference in attendance. Eventually, some unfortunate souls permanently leave the association. Surviving Maya alone is impossible even for yogis what to speak about we fallen souls of Kaliyuga.
This is the worst misfortune a soul can have. They get an extremely rare key to get out of this prison and then they carelessly misplace it, thus undergo the 84 lakhs species and repeated cycle of birth and death!!!

They must be having very very very strong reasons for doing so, but in reality most of the times, those reasons are nothing but an illusionary spell of Maya.

Krishna never manifests Himself to such a foolish soul, that is why they don't get any interest in Krishna Consciousness.

I am never manifest to the foolish and unintelligent. For them I am covered by My internal potency.
Bhagavad Gita 7.25

All of us must have done some pious activities for many lifetimes due to which we got this extremely rare chance to associate with devotees. This is confirmed by Krishna.

Persons who have acted piously in previous lives and in this life and whose sinful actions are completely eradicated are freed from the dualities of delusion, and they engage themselves in My service with determination. 
Bhagavad Gita 7.28

Each moment Maya is looking for an opportunity to attack us. The only defense system is our regular Sadhana. Let us not be fooled by Maya and take the path of life imprisonment.

Also we must not run into Maya's claws by committing a Vaishnava Aparadh or offending a Vaishnava.

Never let our ego make us insult or offend any Vaishnava. This Vaishnava Aparadh is the final Knock Out blow from Maya to our Krishna Consciousness and she will give us infinite reasons and opportunities to commit such an offense. *We must never ever indulge in Gossip regarding a devotee (senior junior or peer).

Acharyas suggest keeping 108 arms distance from such people who try to gossip or influence our mind with gossip.

Only when we serve Krishna and His devotees with love, Krishna gives us the intelligence to kill the darkness of Maya.

To those who are constantly devoted to serving Me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to Me.
Bhagavad Gita 10.10

To show them special mercy, I, dwelling in their hearts, destroy with the shining lamp of knowledge the darkness born of ignorance.
Bhagavad Gita 10.11

Let us all pray to Narasimha Dev for each others defense system and may we all progress in the blissful path of Krishna Consciousness as shown by our Acharyas.


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A Donkey or a Devotee

Major delivery impact. A critical program, well tested, right before delivery started failing due to a sudden unexpected change in data feed. A pathetic situation for the entire team. 22 hours passed by with a max 20 mins break in between, foodless and waterless, I along with my colleagues had no clue of the feed pattern.

As we crossed 2 AM, we could feel the negative influence of mode of ignorance engulfing the ambiance with the feeling of hopelessness, frustration, irritation, anxiety. The veins of our eyes were so strained that they seemed to tear apart in some time. We decided to take a break.

During the time when my colleagues went to toxify themselves with coffee and cigarettes, I was sitting on my chair. In the silent office with no one around, I got a perplexing thought - What am I doing here?

Srila Viswanath Chakraborty Thakur calls karmi a donkey because just like a donkey they also work day and night just to get few grains of food, and as a result, do not invest time for self-realization. Am I too becoming a donkey? Working for hours in this pathetic work culture and ruining my human life? How nice would it have been to lead a humble life in a temple with my family, serve there, spend hours in devotee association, attend Bhagavatam class, study scriptures? Why am I wasting my life?

Feeling dejected, I was starring blank into the screen when suddenly a lecture of His Grace Govind Prabhu flashed in my memory. He was discussing the great character Vidura.

This personality was a devotee of Krishna but was staying in the most horrible association of the demonic Kauravas. It is a normal symptom of Krishna Consciousness to feel dejected of materialistic people and lifestyle. So we must understand how much internal struggle he must be going through. Then Prabhuji went on to glorify his fearless character. Vidura never even for once stopped himself from speaking the truth right upfront. So this was his service to Krishna, preaching to demoniac people amidst all odds. So he was there in the association of demons serving Krishna. Kauravas thought they were exploiting Vidura for their benefit, but Vidura was actually using this pathetic situation for the pleasure of Krishna. This is why when Krishna, after finishing His pastimes, was leaving for Goloka Vrindavan, He specifically remembered Vidura.

Today's material world is filled with people worst than Kauravas. Exploitation is the basic ingredients of everyone's consciousness.

Then Prabhuji made a very significant statement. Every householder who is a devotee or an aspiring devotee, who has to work outside, must meditate on Vidura. Their lifestyle must be based on this personality. They must understand the only reason why they are in this Kauravas den (non-devotee association)  is that they need to maintain their family. Devotee aspiration is not become a millionaire and settle in a lavish bungalow. But their struggle in the non-devotee association and yet remain steady in Krishna Consciousness, maintain their family, serve the Vaishanava, serve the temple is their only service to Krishna.

The difference between a donkey (karmi) and devotee is that a devotee utilizes office to sustain his Krishna Consciousness.

I remember the words of His Grace Abhimanyu Prabhu, as he was guiding me, "in this world, we have got nothing to offer to Krishna, as everything actually belongs to Him. We in Kaliyuga are so fallen that we can't even do much austerity to please Lord. The only thing that we can offer, is our heart and little austerity. So when we do Aarti of Lord, we must try to keep our arms straight as an offering. The momentary pain is a part of our austerity we offer to Krishna. (He was teaching me the mental and physical posture in aarti)"

There is a difference in the mood of a husband who gifts his wife a rose from a nearby flower pot and another husband takes the pain of going to market and buys a rose.

That is why love is when emotion makes someone do something out of their comfort zone for pleasing another.

As I am digitally scribbling this, I am trying to make myself realize the essence of spirituality which Gurudev teaches. He says, every moment and every situation can be an offering to Krishna and an opportunity to get closer to Krishna.

We the householders are so much entangled every day to maintain our basic sustainability that we hardly find time to make spiritual progress. This is why it is even more important for us, householders, to grab every little opportunity that we get for spiritual advancement.

When we realize and are conscious every moment about pleasing Krishna, when we are alert every moment not to displease Krishna, we become Krishna Conscious.


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3 Approaches to Deal with Mind - which one is yours?

"The more serious you are about spiritual life, the more you keep your mind in captivity."
His Holiness Radhanath Swami Maharaj.

The different approach of dealing with the mind can broadly be understood as 3 different ways of handling a dog, the amateur style, the mafia style, and the trainer style.

If we visit an amateur we will see the dog is actually the owner of the house. He even bites the owner when the owner isn't "obedient" to the dog. While dealing with the mind, the majority of us take this approach and get dictated by our mind. Most of the people who aren't even thinking about controlling mind falls under this category. This includes all fake Guru, Sanyasis and Swamis who speak great length about meditation, mind and God but are addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, hookah, intoxication, the taste of flesh, wealth or illicit relation.

The mafia, as soon as he sees the dog not listening to him, he takes out his gun and bang. Some people who realize their mind need to be controlled, opt for a similar approach and follow "Impersonal meditation" techniques. They sit concentrating on light or breath and try to kill their mind, by trying to kill every thought that pops up. Although the matter of fact is 99% of them are unsuccessful & 99.99% of the remaining 1% who got success was definitely not of Kaliyuga City.
If we sit and just do deep breathing, filling our lungs with fresh air, automatically we feel fresh. This freshness is not because of successful meditation by because of increase in Oxygen level in blood. Most of the people get cheated because of this. The goal of meditation is to focus on God not to feel the freshness. Naturally, those who are trying to control their mind must be controlling their senses. If anyone says that he is doing meditation but do intoxication or eat flesh fall in the previous category.

The trainer, he observes the dog's behavior, restricts its demand (disciplines it) and encourages it when obedient. A very few numbers of people, one in a million as said by Krishna, who are intelligent take the effort to train their mind as a dog trainer.
rasa-varjaḿ raso 'py asya, paraḿ dṛṣṭvā nivartate (ceasing such engagements by experiencing a higher taste, he is fixed in consciousness.)
Bhagavad Gita 2.59

They, the devotees of Krishna, are controlling their mind perfectly by engaging it completely on Krishna. It is possible only because they have engaged their senses in the service of Krishna. And the bliss that they get from this, is the higher taste which naturally helps their mind to give up material sense gratification of flesh-eating, intoxication, wealth and illicit relation, without an artificial effort.

Thus a devotee of Lord is considered the greatest Yogi, as Krishna confirms,
And of all yogis, the one with great faith who always abides in Me, thinks of Me within himself and renders transcendental loving service to Me – he is the most intimately united with Me in yoga and is the highest of all. That is My opinion.
Bhagavad Gita 6.47

Therefore we must understand the effective and correct way of controlling the mind is by becoming a devotee of the Lord.


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