"Pada Seva means to serve the lotus feet of Guru and Krishna.You cannot serve Krishna without Guru, or serve just Guru without serving Krishna. They must be served or offered pada seva simultaneously." - Srila Prabhupada

  • "A highly advanced Vaisnava lives in such a way that no one can understand what he is or what he was." (Srimad-Bhagavatam, 7.3.14, Purport)
  • "... there is nothing as profitable as the association of pure devotees." (Teachings of Lord Caitanya, Page 341)
  • "By the mercy of the spiritual master one receives the benediction of Krsna. Without the grace of the spiritual master, one cannot make any advancement." (Sri Sri Gurv-astaka, Verse 8)
  • "A pure devotee cannot forget the Supreme Lord for a moment, and similarly, the Supreme Lord cannot forget His pure devotee for a moment." (Bhagavad-gita As It Is, 8.15, Purport)
  • "The Spiritual Master is present wherever his sincere disciple is trying to serve his instructions. " (Srila Prabhupada letter, 12/01/73)
  • "I was born in the darkest ignorance, and my spiritual master opened my eyes with the torchlight of knowledge. I offer my respectful obeisances unto him." (Sri Guru Pranama)
  • "My dear Partha, one who claims to be My devotee is not so. Only a person who claims to be the devotee of My devotee is actually My devotee." (Lord Krsna, Adi Purana)
  • "Pure devotees of the Lord are more powerful than the waters of the sacred river Ganges. One can derive spiritual benefit out of prolonged use of the Ganges waters. But one can be sanctified at once by the mercy of a pure devotee of the Lord." (Srimad-Bhagavatam, 1.1.15, Purport)
  • "No one can approach the Supreme Personality of Godhead directly. One must approach Him through His pure devotees." (Nectar of Devotion, Chapter 12)
  • "Real knowledge can be obtained from a person who is in perfect Krsna consciousness. Therefore, one has to seek out such a bona fide spiritual master and, under him, learn what Krsna consciousness is. The spiritual master can drive away all nescience, as the sun drives away darkness." (Bhagavad-gita As It Is, 5.16, Purport)

The story of the Lost Island and it's inhabitants

Hidden from modern history, is the story of The Island in the far Eastern Ocean. The island, small enough to be visible in the map, was engulfed by the ocean, overnight, just like a penny it sank to the bottom of the ocean bed.  Never discussed, never will be discussed the night when a portion of humanity felt a shiver in their spine.

Legend says the island was inhabited by a highly advanced Human Race. The Northern horizon of the island was covered with dense forest. That forest was inhabited by Sages who could see the unseen. They never walked the soil of the city for they were immersed in the pursuit of self-realization.

That day, early morning when the city was still not fully awake, 5 people saw a hazy figure appearing from the northern horizon. Never did they see or hear anyone walking from the north.

It was the man of wisdom, with Lean body, long beard and matted hair. He spoke in a grave voice,

"hear me carefully, the land on which you stay will be snatched right away and will be a property of the kingdom of water. Leave the land before you are engulfed by the waves. Reach the Eastern Edge of the forest which connects to the shore, follow the path, when the sun starts to dissolve in ocean, take to the waters keeping the Shiny Eye of Sky, which never moves, to your east, you will reach a bigger island. A land of promises, covered by flowers and fruits. Those who reach there shall never be touched by the waves of ocean nor will they ever return to this little land."

Finishing his words the sage walked back to the forest. 

The 5 men were struck with wonder. Jaw dropped to their feet, they kept staring at the sage slowly disappearing into the woods.

Soon the silence was broken by one,  
"Haah!! Land, kingdom of water, all rubbish. How did he know this? How does he know if there is another island at all? We all have to die one day. Why listen to this beggar who can't feed his skinny body. He has gone mad due to malnutrition". 

Saying this he went on to his work.

Seeing him walking away, second said, 
"Well we all will have to die one day.  We were born on this island like body grows hairs. So just like hair belongs to the body, we belong to the island. This island was born from the womb of waters. So we all belong to water. Don't be afraid for I know, for certain, the hidden message of the sage, we all are ultimately water, contained in different vessels. Which means I am you, you are me, we all are same. So we all wait to be dissolved in water and rule the kingdom of water. But till that happens, let us help each other, for we are the same water. Let us make this island a better place to live in. I will go to the people and request them to donate gold to me. With that gold, I will build a school to earn more gold. And then I will build more hospitals. I will feed every hungry people on this island. Oh, fools why dig a well to drink water, don't you see you are yourself water for you drain tears, sweat and urine? Serve the other people for they are the pot of water standing in front of you and your thirst will be quenched.
and he left.

Confused by what he heard, the third one said pinching his hand 
"Am I water? Then why am I having limbs? Why did the water decide to enter different vessel if ultimately it wanted to merge back within itself? All rubbish crap. I am no water. The sage is the man of wisdom, he can't be wrong. His message was loud and clear. It doesn't require any interpretations. I am leaving for the eastern horizon"

"But there are so many people around, so many animals who can't fly. Shouldn't they be saved?
Asked the other two.

"The power that resides on the cloud, rains His mercy for the chosen few. We are the chosen few. Save yourself. The same power will guide them all if He so desires." 
and the person ran.

Fourth nodded in disagreement and said, 
"Indeed the sage was a man of wisdom. Indeed the power of the cloud has chosen to reveal the secret to us. But we should let others know. We should now be His messenger and help everyone escape"
and he swiftly ran through the city lanes.

Fifth thought to himself while watching the fourth disappear in the lanes,  
"Let me gather my family and my cattle first and try to reach the Eastern horizon. I will also assist the nice man (fourth) in helping everyone leave the island before it is too late"

The Fourth man ran door to door knocking and informing everyone. Filled with compassion he forgot about his own safety.

As the sun rose in the sky, the land rumbled many times. Birds filled the sky screeching accompanied by monkeys hooting. But to his horror, he saw a majority of the inhabitants had accompanied the second person. Some were planning to build a huge wall around the island to prevent water from entering the city. Some were planning to build schools and hospitals. They had wizards who could make things appear and disappear with spells.

He explained 
"You cannot live here happily for the land has given its warning. Please do not commit suicide."

But the people said 
"Helping one another is the goal and service of humanity. We are not cowards like you. We have a social responsibility. We cannot run away from our responsibility like you"

With a sad heart, the fourth returned with silent helpless prayer for the fools. With a very little number of people following his lead, he humbly made his way to the Eastern coast. His followers took the cattle and the beast along with them.

In the crowd, he found a man carrying a huge huge huge pile of load on his back. With every step he tried to advance, the weight made him fall down. When he was suggested to leave the baggage, this man became furious. Thus he was left alone.

Moving ahead there was another man, who wanted to leave but his wife and 5-year old son were still sleeping. So he thought, 
"I still have time. Let them wake up and then when we all are ready, we will waste no time and leave."

All the way there were people, focused on the goal,  some running, some riding on the horse, some took the cart that could fly.

As the journey continued, the number of people kept reducing. Seeing this the fourth man got alarmed. Forgetting about himself he went back to beg everyone not to waste their breath but proceed, if they are tired of running, they can walk, but should not waste any time resting.

Finally, when they reached the coast, they found the island was already surrounded by huge, strong walls. Apparently, these walls looked like crossing the sky. They all waited by the port for the sun to set and then they boarded the ship and sailed guided by the shiny Eye of the Sky. Finally, they reached the island as described by the sage.

Back in their land, with the moon, rose the water, higher and higher. Soon with a thump, the walls began to break loose. The island tossed into the ocean like a penny. No wall, no hospital, no school could restrict the inevitable. Neither do we know if the people who stayed back with the second person were able to dissolve properly.

This was the story of the forgotten land of the oceans and their inhabitants.

As a reward to those readers who have read until this point, the story reveals itself.

The Island represents our material world

The Sage represents The Vedic Scriptures and words of Bonafide Vaishnava Acharyas who says about this world as temporary and full of grief. They give us the address of our safe destination, Golok Vrindavan

The promised island represents Goloka Vrindavan; The kingdom of God, which is Never troubled by the waves of sorrow. Once someone reaches there, he never returns to this material world.

The first person represents the atheistic class of people, blinded by ignorance they fail to observe what the scriptures and acharyas reveal to us.

The second person represents The Mayavadis.  With their distorted understanding of the scriptures, they misguide people and encourage them in doing some cheap things in the name of Human welfare. Because they do not understand the highest welfare is in helping everyone leave the sinking island or this material world. They also represent the bogus and fraud Sampradaya or Institutions who misrepresent the words of Scriptures.

The third person represents The Yogi and Jyani. They know the truth and they are focused on helping themselves only.

Fourth and Fifth represents The Vaishnavas. Unlike the previous class, they Do not think only about themselves. They think about everyone, including animals. That is why Vaishnava is Kripa Sindhu. They will return to Goloka but not alone rather they will try that other also return. Not just human but animals too.

Fourth represents The renunciate class. They think about everyone. Because the fifth was tied up with the anxiety of his family and cattle (state of a grihastha), this person took the responsibility of alarming everyone he met. He became the guide for everyone. Just like a brave soldier who leaves behind the thought of his family and serves his country, this person too focused all his energy in guiding everyone to reach the goal of life. And just as a bonafied guru, he returns to his disciples when they are tired and gives up walking. He also waits at the port to deliver all his disciples back to Godhead.

Fifth represents The Grihastha or householder. He knows God has given him the responsibility of a few souls as His family or pet. Because he is Vaishnava he is higher than selfish Yogis and Jyanis. Thus out of a compassionate mood, he is serving to help them also evacuate the sinking island. He also always respects the sacrifice of the renunciates and tries to help them in their mission by rendering humble service.

The man who was carrying the huge pile represents The people who have taken to Krishna Consciousness but carrying huge baggage of Anarthas. Heaviest anartha is Pride which leads to Aparadh. Heaviest aparadh is Vaishnava Aparadh. No matter how hard did he try, he couldn't advance. Similarly no matter how hard we try the externals, if we are committing offenses we cannot advance in spirituality. And for sure we will have to stay back in this material world.

The man with sleeping wife and son represents The people who make an excuse of waiting for the right time to start with Krishna Consciousness. Sleeping means ignorance. Making an excuse for Partner not supporting or Children not settled or Financial condition or Career and keep waiting for the right time. Just like it is not a Vaishnava etiquette to leave behind one's dependents and escape, similarly it is not Vaishnava etiquette, especially Grihastha, to let them sleep ignorant of the danger. It is our duty to educate everyone who is our dependence on the urgency of the situation and help everyone reach home, back to Godhead.

The inhabitants represent Us.  Our fate depends on which kind of person do we follow, 1. Karmi 2. Cheating Institutes 3. Selfish Spiritualist 4 / 5. Bonafide Vaishnava Sampradaya. If we follow a Vaishnava Sampradaya, we are going to be saved because we have started to walk our way out. Now depending on our seriousness, we need to add more and more speed.

Talking about speed, an interesting point to note is, some were running, some were waking,  some took a vehicle to add speed. Similarly, when we chant we have started walking,  doing Sadhna (reading and hearing) adds speed and makes us run. Prasadam purifies us from within and makes us ride a horse and doing services connects us to unlimited mercy thus buys us a ticket in an airplane. 

A sincere prayer, that by the mercy of Sri Guru, Gauranga and by the Sweet will of Krishna, may everyone evacuate the island safely and reach the Kingdom of Krishna.

Oh and just to avoid any confusion
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


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Who is Chaitanya Mahaprabhu? | Is Chaitanya Mahaprabhu really Krishna?

I was asked by one of my colleague, "Who was Chaitanya Mahaprabhu?"
I replied that He is non-different from Lord Krishna.
To this, he said, "That is what 'you people' say, but what is the real identity?"

Many find it difficult to understand that Krishna is non-different from Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, because of lack in scriptural education.

Appearance of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has been mentioned or predicted in many Sriptures like,
  1. Bhagavat Puran
  2. Adi Puran
  3. Kurma Puran
  4. Garuda Puran
  5. Narasimha Puran
  6. Padma Puran
  7. Narada Puran
  8. Brahma Puran
  9. Bhavisya Puran
  10. Agni Puran
  11. Matsya Puran
  12. Vayu Puran
  13. Markandeya Puran
  14. Varah Puran
  15. Vaman Puran
  16. Upa Puran
  17. Ananta Samhita
  18. Mahabharat
  19. Atharva Ved
  20. Sama Ved
  21. Chaitanya Upanishad
  22. Chandogya Upanishad
  23. Svetasvatar Upanishad
  24. Purusa-Bodini-Upanisad

In this article we shall study a few of such scriptural references, to understand that Lord Krishna Himself appeared as Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

(1).  Prediction of Lord Gauranga’s advent in the form of a brahmana.

In the Adi-Puran and in the Narada Puran, the Supreme Lord says:
aham eva dvija-srestho nityam pracchanna-vigrahahbhagavad-bhakta-rupena lokam raksami sarvada

I shall advent in the form of a Brahmana devotee [aham eva dvija-srestho] and I shall hide my factual identity [prachanna vigrahah]. I shall deliver all the worlds [lokam raksami sarvada].

(2). Prediction of His advent as a Sannyasi (A person in the renounced order of life)
In the Upa-Puranas, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna speaks to Srila Vyasadeva:
aham eva kvacid brahmansannyasa asramam asritahhari bhaktim grahayami kalau papa-hatan naran

O Brahmana, I occasionally take the Sannyas Asram [sannyasa asrama asritah] in an attempt to bring the fallen people of Kali Yuga to take up the path of Bhakti or devotional service to Lord Krishna [hari bhaktim grahayami].

(3). Prediction of His actual time of incarnation
In the Kurma-Purana, it is stated:
kalina dahyamanam uddhararaya tanu-bhrtamjanma prathama sandhyayam bhavisyati dvijalaye

The Supreme Person will appear in the first part of the age of Kali [janma prathama sandhyayam]. He will appear in the home of a Brahmana [bhavisyati dvijalaye], to save the embodied conditioned souls [uddharaya tanu-bhrtam] burning in the troubles of Kali-Yuga.

(4). Description of the purpose of Sri Chaitanya’s incarnation.
In the Garuda-Purana, the Supreme Person says:
kalina dakyamananam paritranaya tanu-bhrtamjanma prathama sandhyayam karisyami dvijatisu

In the first part [prathama sandhya] of the age of Kali, I will come among the brahmanas [karisyami dvijatisu] to save the fallen souls, [paritranaya tanu-bhrtam] who are being burned by the troubles of the age of Kali [kalina dahyamananam].

(5). Prediction of the name of His mother and the actual name of His future birthplace.
In the Garuda-Purana, the Supreme Lord says:
aham purno bhavisyami yuga-sandhyau visesatahmayapure navadvipe bhavisyami sachi sutah

I will take birth as the son of Sachi [bhavisyami sachi sutah], in Navadvip-Mayapur [mayapure navadvipe]. I will come in my complete spiritual form in the first part of Kali-Yuga.

(6). Prediction of the name of His future first wife and His future assumption of the sannyasa order
In the same Garuda-Purana, it is Also stated:
kaleh prathama sandhyayam lakshmi- kanto bhavisyatidaru-brahma-samipa-sthah sannyasi gaura-vigrahah

In the first part of Kali-Yuga, the Supreme Personality of Godhead will come in a gold-like form. First He will become the husband of Lakshmi [Srimati Lakshmi Devi, Lord Chaitanya’s first wife]. Then He will become a sannyasi, near Lord Jagannatha who will appear in a divine wooden form.

(7). Prediction of the bodily color of Sri Chaitanya and the nature of His future activities.
In the Nrsimha-Purana, it is said:
satye daitya-kuladhi-nasa-samaye simhordhva-martyakrtistretayam das-kandharam paribhavan rameti namakrtihgopalan paripalayan vraja-pure bharam haran dvaparegaurangah priya-kirtanah kali-yuge chaitanya-nama prabhuh

The Supreme Personality of Godhead who in the Satya-Yuga appeared as a half-man, half-lion to cure a terrible disease that had ravaged the daityas, and who in the Treta-Yuga appeared as a person named Rama [Lord Ramachandra], the person who defeated the ten-headed Demon Ravana, and who in the Dvapara-Yuga removed the earth’s burden, and protected the Gopa [cowherd men] people of Vraja-pura, will appear again in the Kali-Yuga. His form will be golden, He will delight in chanting the Lord’s holy names, and His name will be Chaitanya.

(8). Prediction of the future advent of Sri Chaitanya by His direct name
In the Padma-Purana, it is said:
yatrayogesvarah saksad yogi-cintyo janardanahchaitanya vapur aste vai sandranandatmakah

The Supreme Personality, Janardana, who is the object of the yogis’ meditation [yogi-chintyo- janardanah], who saves the devotees from various sufferings, and who is the master of all yogic practices [yogesvarah], who is always full of divine transcendental ecstasy and bliss [sandra-ananda-atmakah], will advent in His own divine form of Sri Chaitanya [Chaitanya-vapah].

(9). Description of the time and place Sri Chaitanya’s future advent
In the Padma-Purana, the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself states:
kaleh prathama-sandhyayam gaurangotham mahi-talebhagirathi-tate ramye bhavisyami sachi-sutah

I shall appear on this earth [mahi-tale] in the first part of Kali-Yuga [kaleh prathama sandhyayam] in a beautiful place on the bank of the Bhagirathi [bhagirathi-tate ramye]. I shall have a golden form [gaurangah], and I shall take birth as the son of Sachi [bhavisyami sachi-sutah].

(10). Prediction of the purpose of Sri Chaitanya’s advents
In the Narada-Purana, the Supreme Personality of Godhead says:
aham eva kalau vipra nityam prachanna-vigrahahbhavavad-bhakta-rupena lokan raksami sarvada

O Vipra, in the age of Kali, I will come disguised [nityam prachanna vigraha] as a devotee [bhagavad-bhakta-rupena] and I will save all the worlds [lokan raksami sarvada].

(11). Prediction of His mother’s name and the nature of His specific preaching method [sankirtana]
The Supreme Personality of Godhead states in the Narada-Purana:
divija bhuvi jayadhvam jayadhvam bhakta rupinahkalau sankirtana arambhe bhavisyami sachi-sutah

O Divija (demigods), please come and advent as devotees on this earth [bhuvi jayadhvam jayadhvam] in the age of Kali-Yuga. I will incarnate as the son of Sachi [bhavisyami sachi-sutah] to inaugurate the congregational chanting of the name of Krishna [kalau sankirtana arambhe].

(12). Prediction of the revelation of Sri Chaitanya’s form
In the Brahma-Purana, the Supreme Personality of Godhead says:
kaleh prathama sandhyayam gaurangotham mahi-talebhagirathi-tate bhumni bhavisyami sachi-sutah

I will reveal my eternal golden form [gaurangotham mahi-tale] in the first part of Kali- Yuga [kaleh prathama sandhyayam]. I will advent on the earth on the bank of the Bhagirathi [bhagirathi-tate bhumni] as son of Mother Sachi [bhavisyami sachi-sutah].

(13). Prediction of the future sannyasi role and ecstasy of Sri Chaitanya
In the Bhavisya-Purana, the Supreme Lord says:
anandasru-kala-roma harsa-purnam tapo-dhanasarve mama eva draksyanti kalau sannyasa-rupinam

O austere sage, you should know that in the age of Kali, everyone will see my transcendental form as a sannyasi [kalau sannyasa rupinam]. I will be exhibiting symptoms of ecstasy like shedding tears of bliss and hairs standing in ecstasy [anandasru-kala-roma-harsa-purnam].

(14). Prediction of the color of Sri Chaitanya and the nature of His future associates.
In the Agni-Purana, it is said:
prasantatma lamba-kanthas gaurangas ca suravrtah

The Supreme Personality of Godhead will come in a golden form [gaura-anga], full of peace [prasantatma], and a beautiful long neck [lamba-kanthah]. He will be surrounded by many saintly devotees [sura-avrtah]. (Note: This is an indirect prediction of the future advent of the members of the Pancha-Tattva.)

(15). Prediction of the characteristics of Sri Chaitanya.
In the Matsya-Purana, the Supreme Personality of Godhead says:
mundo gaurah su-dirghangas tri-srotas-tira-sambhavahdayaluh kirtana-grahi bhavisyami kalau-yuge

In the age of Kali, I shall advent [bhavisyami kalau yuge] where the three rivers meet [tri-srotas-tira-sambhavah]. I shall have a shaven head [mundah]. I shall have a golden complexion [gaurah]. I will be very kind and always chant the holy name of Krishna [dayaloh kirtana-grahi].

(16). Prediction of the name of the river where Sri Chaitanya will take his birth and other characteristics
In the Vayu-Purana, the Supreme Personality of Godhead states:
suddho gaurah-su-dirghango ganga-tira-samudbhavahdayaluh-kirtana-grahi bhavisyami kalau yuge

In the age of Kali-Yuga, I shall come [bhavisyami kalau yuge] in a place on the bank of the Ganges [ganga-tira-samudbhavah]. I will be very pure [suddhah], have a golden complexion [gaurah], and be very tall [su-dirghangah] and chant the holy names of Krishna.

(17). The prediction that the Supreme Lord will leave Goloka and come in a golden form
In the Markandeya-Purana, the Supreme of Godhead declares:
golokam ca parityajya lokanam trana-karanatkalau gauranga-rupena lila-lavanya-vigrahah

In the Kali-Yuga, I will leave Goloka and, to save the people of the world, I will become the handsome and playful Lord Gauranga.

(18). Prediction of one of the purposes of Sri Chaitanya’s appearance
In the Varaha-Purana, the Supreme Personality of Godhead declares:
aham eva dvija-srestho lila-pracurya-vigrahahbhagavad-bhakta-rupena lokan raksami sarvada

I shall come as the best of the brahmanas [aham eva dvija-srestha]. I will exhibit many pastimes [lila-pracurya-vigrahah] in the form of a devotee [bhagavad-bhakta-rupena]. I shall deliver the people of the world [lokan raksami sarvada].

(19). Prediction of the name of the mother of Sri Chaitanya and His future role as the deliverer of the darkness of Kali-Yuga.
In the Vamana-Purana, the Supreme Personality of Godhead declares:
kali-ghora-tamas-channat sarvan acara varjitansachigarbhe ca sambhuya tarayisyami narada

O Narada Muni, I will take birth in the womb of Sachi [sachi-garbhe ca sambhuya]. I shall save the people, who will give up all proper good conduct [sarvan acara varyitan], from the terrible darkness of the age of Kali-Yuga [kali-ghora-tamas-channan].

(20). Prediction of the future advent of Sri Chaitanya, His birth time, His mother, His birth city, His name and His mission
In the Vayu-Purana, the Supreme Personality of Godhead says:
paurnamasyam phalgunasya phalguni-rksa-yogatahbhavisye gaura-rupena sachi-garbhe purandaratsvarnadi-tiram asthaya navadvipe janasrayetatra dvija-kulam prapto bhavisyami janalayebhakti-yoga-pradanaya lokasyanugrahaya casannyas-rupam asthaya krishna-chaitanya-nama-dhrktena lokasya nistaras tat kurudhvam mamajnayadharitri bhavita cabhir mayaiva dvija-dehina

I shall advent in the month of Phalguna, when the star Phalguni is conjoined with the full moon. I shall incarnate in a golden complexion in the womb of Sachi and Purandara Misra. I will be born in the city of Navadvipa,on the Ganges’s shore, in a Brahmana’s family. I shall take the renounced order of life [sannyasa] and show kindness to the people in general and engage them in Bhakti. I will be known as Sri Krishna Chaitanya. All of you should follow My order and deliver the people of the world. I shall appear as a Brahmana. I shall make this earth fearless.

(21). Prediction of Sri Chaitanya’s birth city, the name of the river close to His birth site, the name of His mother, His close associates and their divine roles in His lila (pastimes), His divine reason for incarnating as well as different names by which Sri Chaitanya will be known.
In the Ananta-Samhita, it is said:
svarnadi-tiram asritya navadvipe dvijalayesampradatum bhakti-yogam lokasyanugrahaya casa eva bhagavan krmo radhika-prana-vallabhahsrsty-adau sa jagannatho gaura asin mahesvariavatirno bhavisyami kalau-nija-ganaih sahasachi-garbhe navadvipe svardhuni-parivariteaprakasyam idam guhyam na prakasyam bahir mukhebhaktavataram bhaktakhyam bhaktam bhakti-pradam svayamman-maya-mohitah kecin na jnasyanto bahir-mokhahjnasyanti mad-bhakti-yuktah sadhavo-nyasinotmalahkrmavatara-kale-yah striyo ye purusah priyahkalau te’vatarisyanti sridama-subaladayahcatuh-sasti-mahantas te gopa dvadas balakahcaitanyera simhera…dharma-samsthapanarthay a viharisyami tair ahamkale nastam bhakti-patham sthapayisyamy aham punahgacchantu bhuvi te putrah jayantam bhakta-rupinahdharma-samsthapanam kale kurvantu te mamajnayakrishnas chaitanya-gaurango gaurachandrah sachi-sutahprabhur gauro gaura-harir namani-bhakti-dani me

To show mercy to the people and give them devotional service, the Supreme Personality of Godhead will appear in a Brahmana’s home in Navadvip by the Ganges’ shore. The Supreme Person, Sri Krishna Himself, who is the life of Srimati Radharani, and is the Lord of the universe in creation, maintenance, and annihilation, appears as Gaura, O Mahesvari.

In Kali-Yuga, I will descend to the earth with My associates. In Navadvip, which is surrounded by the Ganges, I will take birth in Sachi-devi’s womb.

They who are bewildered by My illusory potency will not understand the great secret of the appearance in this world of Me in My personal form,

in My form as the incarnation of devotion,
in My form as the incarnation of a devotee,
in My form bearing the name of a devotee,
in My form as a devotee, and
in My form as the giver of devotional service.

This secret is not to be revealed to them. Only the saintly, pure, renounced devotees, diligently engaged in My devotional service, will be able to understand Me in these five forms.

My dear male and female associates, headed by Sridama and Subala, who came to this world at the time of My advent as Lord Krishna, will come again during the Kali-Yuga.

The Gopas will become the sixtyfour mahantas and the twelve gopalas. To establish the truth of religion, I will enjoy many pastimes with them.

In this way I will again reveal the path of devotional service, which has been destroyed in the course of time. My sons should also descend to the earth, assume the forms of devotees, and, by My order, also work to re-establish the principles of true religion.

At this time My names will be: Krishna Chaitanya, Gauranga, Gaurachandra, Sachisuta, Mahaprabhu, Gaura and Gaurahari. Chanting these names will bring devotion to Me.

Other major Vedic literature describing characteristics of the advent of Sri Chaitanya

(22). The Great Epic Mahabharata (Dana-Dharma, Visnu-Sahasra-Nama Stotra) points out the divine characteristics of Sriman Mahaprabhu’s appearance.
suvarna varna hemango varangas candanangadisannyasa krt-chamah santo nistha shanti parayanahHe has a golden complexion [suvarna varnah]. His limbs are very beautiful [vara-anga] and are smeared with sandalwood pulp [candana-angadi]. He has the appearance of molten gold [hema-anga].

The Supreme Lord Chaitanya accepts the renounced order of life [sannyasa-krt]. He is fully sense-controlled or equipoised [sama], and is completely peaceful [santa]. He is completely fixed (in the chanting of the holy name of Lord Krishna), [nistha]. He is the highest abode of devotion and transcendental peace. (He silences the mayavadi impersonalists) [nistha santi parayanah].

The sanskrit words suvarna-varna indicate one who has gold-like complexion. The Vedic text to support this point is: yada pasya pasyate rukma-varnam kartaram isam purusam brahma-yonim. The words rukma-varnam kartaram isam refer to the Supreme Person [Sri Chaitanya] who has a complexion like molten gold.

(23). Is there any specific reference in the Vedas as to when in this yuga, the Supreme Lord’s Avatar- Sri Krishna Chaitanya was scheduled to appear?
In the Atharva-Veda; Purusa-Bodini-Upanisad, it is said:
saptame gaura-varna-visnor ity aena sva-saktyacaikyam etya pratar avatirya saha svaih sva-manum siksayati

In the seventh manvantara, in the beginning of the Kali-Yuga, the Supreme Personality of Godhead will, accompanied by His own associates, descend in a golden form to the earth. He will teach the chanting of His own names.

(24). When exactly does He come in the kali-yuga, and where does He specifically appear and what will He do?
In the Atharva Veda, the Supreme Person says:
itotham krta sannyaso’vatarisyami sa-guno nirvedoniskamo bhu-girvanas tira-atho’ lakanandayah kalaucatuh-sahasrabdhopari panca-sahasrabhyantaregaura-varno dirghangah sarva-laksana-yukta isvaraprarthito nija-rasasvado bhakta-rupo misrakhyovidita-yogah syam

I will descend on the earth after the passage of four thousand years in the Kali-Age, [kalau chatuh sahasrabdhopari] and before the passage of five thousand years [pancha sahasra abhyantare]. I will come on the earth on the bank of the Ganges, [tira-sthahalakanandayah].

I will be a tall and saintly Brahmana devotee. I will have all the auspicious symptoms of an exalted person [dirghangah sarva-laksana-yuktah].

I will exhibit renunciation. I will have all auspicious signs. I will be a devotee, practicing bhakti yoga. I will taste the rasa of My own devotional service.

In the Sama Veda, the Supreme Lord says:
tathaham krta sannyaso bhu-girvano ‘vatarisyetire’lakanandayah punah punah isvara-prarthitah sa-parivaro niralambo nirdhuteh kali-kalmasa-kavalita-janavalambanaya

I shall come to the earth, accompanied by My associates, in a place by the bank of the Ganges. I will advent to save the people who are afflicted and devoured by the sins of the age of Kali. I will manifest as an Avadhut Brahman Sannyasi.

(25). What is the name of the place where the Supreme Lord appears?
The Chandogya Upanisad describes the place of the advent of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya. In the Sabadvipa Dham Mahatmya (text 5) Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur explains:
tan-madhye daharam saksan mayapuram itiryatetatra vesma bhagavatas chaitanyasya paratmanahtasmin yas tv antarakaso hy antardvipah sa ucyate

The spiritual city in the shape of a lotus has the abode of Sri Mayapur as its heart. Sridham Mayapur is the divine abode of Lord Chaitanya, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In the middle of Mayapur is the place called Antardvip.

(26). Are there any other relevant scriptural references in the vedas describing the appearance or qualities of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu?
The Svetasvatara Upanisad (Ch. 6, text 7) describes the qualities of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Chaitanya:
tam isvaranam paramam mahesvaram tam devatanam paramam ca daivatampatim patinam paramam parastad vidama devam bhuvanesam idyam

O Supreme Lord, you are the Supreme Mahesvara, the worshipable Deity of all the demigods and the Supreme Lord of all Lords. You are the controller of all controllers, the Personality of Godhead, the Lord of everything worshipable.

Svetasvatara Upanisad Ch 3 text 12, 14
mahan prabhur vai purusahsattvasyaisa pravartakahsunirmalam imam praptim isano jyotir avyayah

“The Supreme Personality of Godhead is Mahaprabhu, who disseminates transcendental enlightenment. Just to be in touch with Him is to be in contact with the indestructible brahmajyoti. ”

Sri Chaitanya Upanisad (Chaitanyopanisad), text 5:
jahnavi-tire navadvipe golokakhye dhamni govindodvi-bhujo gaurah sarvatma maha-puruso mahatmamaha-yogi tri-gunatitah sattva-rupo bhaktim lokekasyatiti. tad ete sloka bhavanti

“The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Govinda, the supreme enjoyer, whose form is transcendental, who is beyond the touch of the three modes of material nature, and who is all pervading Supersoul residing in the-hearts of all living entities, will appear again in the Kali-age. Appearing as the greatest devotee, the Supreme Personality of Godhead will assume a two-armed form of golden complexion in His abode of Goloka Vrindavan manifested on the bank of the Ganga at Navadvip. He will disseminate pure devotional service in the world.
(27). The appearance of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is further predicted in the following verses
Sri Chaitanya Upanisad text 6 says in what color the Lord will appear in the Kali-yuga, and what He will do:
eko devah sarva-rupi mahatma gauro rakta syamala-sveta-rupahchaitanyatma sa vai chaitanya-saktir bhaktakaro bhakti-do bhakh-vedyah

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the master of all transcendental potencies, and who may be known only by devotional service, [bhakti vedyah] appears in innumerable transcendental forms. He has appeared in red, white and black complexions, [gauro rakta syamala sveta rupah] and He will also appear in the golden form of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He will assume the role of a perfect devotee [bhakta akarah] and He will teach the conditioned souls the path of pure devotional service [bhakti dah].

(28). Chaitanya Upanisad, text 7 predicts the nature of the form of Lord Chaitanya and how He is understood
namo vedanta vedyayakrmaya paramatmanesarva chaitanya rupaya chaitanyaya namo namah

I offer my respectful obeisances unto Him, who is understood by Vedanta [namo vedanta vedyaya], who is Lord Krishna [Krishnaya], the Supersoul [paramatmane], whose form is fully transcendental and conscious of everything [sarva-chaitanya-rupaya]. We offer our humble obeisances again and again. [chaitanyaya namo namah]

(29). What is the result of understanding the divine position of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu?
Sri Chaitanya-Upanisad. text 8:
vedanta vedyam purusam puranam chaitanyatmanam visva-yonim mahantamtam eva viditva’ mrtyum eti nanyah pantha vidyatetyanaya

Knowing Him who is the object of knowledge in the Upanisads, the oldest person, the embodiment of consciousness, the source of the universe and the greatest of all, one crosses over death. There is no other path for going there.

(30). What will Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu do in this incarnation?
Sri Chaitanya-Upanisad. text 9:
sva-nama mula-mantrena sarvam hladayati vibhuh

The Supreme powerful [vibhuh] Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya appears in His golden form, and He will fill the universe with bliss [hladayati] by the chanting of His own holy names [sva-nama-mula-mantrena].

(31). Which mantra will this yuga avatar chant?
Sri Caitanya Upanisad text 10.
sa eva mula-mantra japati harir iti krishna iti rama iti

Sri Krishna Chaitanya will chant the maha-mantra comprised of the divine names of Hari, Krishna and Rama, i.e., Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

(32). Quotations of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s bodily features according to some of the great devotees present at the time
Srila Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya, one of the foremost disciples of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in Jagannath Puri, composed an entire series of prayers describing in detail the various features of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, called Sri Gauranga-Prati-Anga-Varnanakhya-Stava-Rajah, or the King of Prayers, proclaiming the glory of each limb of Sri Gauranga. Let us carefully present a few of these divine gems.

Lord Chaitanya’s bodily luster:
Srila Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya, a great scholar of his time, who later became a disciple of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, has described the complexion of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s body.

tapta hema dyutim vande kali-krishnam jagad-gurumcaru-dirgha-tanum srimac chaci-hrdaya-nandanam

I worship Lord Krishna, the spiritual master of the universe, who appears in the age of Kali with a luster like molten gold. His body is beautiful and tall. He is like molten gold, and He is the delight and the son of Sachidevi.

Srila Prabodhananda Sarasvati Thakura also describes Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s golden complexion.
ananda lilamaya vigrahaya hemabha-divya-cchavi-sundaraya

O Lord Chaitanyachandra, O Lord whose form is full of blissful pastimes, O Lord whose complexion is as splendid as gold…

Srila Krishna das Kaviraj Goswami similarly describes Lord Chaitanya:
tapta hema sama kanti prakanda sarira

…the luster of His expansive body resembles molten gold…

Prabodhananda Sarasvati further describes Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s golden complexion.
svayam devo yatra-kanaka-gaurah karunaya

“His complexion is as fair as molten gold.”

Sri Chaitanya’s beautiful hair:
lasan-mukha-lata-naddha charu-kuncita-kuntalam

“His lovely curling locks are interwoven with creepers of glistening pearls…”

Sri Chaitanya’s shoulders and chest:
Prabhodananda Sarasvati Thakura describes the shoulders of Sriman Mahaprabhu as simha skandham…“whose shoulders are like a lion…”

Srila Krishna das Kaviraj Goswami also points out the nature of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s shoulders and voice:

simha griva simha-virya simhera hunkar – “He has the shoulders of a lion, the powers of a lion, and the loud voice of a lion.”

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s arms reach all the way to His knees:

ajanulambita bhumau kanaka vadatau

And kankanangada-vidyoti-janu-lambi-bhaja-dvayam – “….His two arms, glittering with bracelets and bangles, extend down to His knees.”

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s face:
prema-pravaha-madhura raktotpala-vilocanam
h la-prasuna-susnigdha nutanayata-nasikam

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s beautiful eyes are just like reddish lotus flowers. They are most beautiful, just like lakes of Krishna Prema. His nose is arched and is resplendent just like the sesame flower.
sri-ganda-mandollasi ratna-kundala-manditam
savya-karna-suvinyasta sphurac-caru-sikhandakam

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s cheeks are round and they shine brilliantly. He wears jeweled earrings. He has a peacock feather placed near His left ear.
madhura-sneha-susnigdha praraktadhara-pallavam
isad-danturita-snigdha sphuran-mukta-radoijvalam

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s lips are tender and very lustrous. They resemble reddish blossoming flowers. He reveals his pearl-like teeth out His kindness.

Chaitanya-Charitamrita, Adi-Lila 3.77
sankirtana-pravartaka sri krma-chaitanya sankirtana-yajne tanre bhaje sei dhanya

“Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya is the initiator of sankirtana [congregational chanting of the holy name of Lord Krishna]. One who worships Him through sankirtana is fortunate indeed”


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Is Krishna avatar of Vishnu?

Many times people find it difficult to accept the fact that Krishna is the Original Supreme Personality of Godhead, and is the source of  Vishnu and every demigod including Shiva and Brahma.

Keeping the sentimental debates aside, let us see a few of the many scriptural evidence that states Krishna is the Origin of Vishnu & all demigods.


Purusha Sukta (5) claims the Supreme Personality, Krishna, to be the origin of an auxiliary Personality of Godhead, Lord Vishnu

From Him was born the Universal Form which sustained the mortal world. Making this Form as the substratum another celestial being was born, who is known as Vishnu. As soon as he was born, he multiplied himself into each of the universes. Later, he created this earth and then, the bodies of the living beings.

Brahma-Samhita (5.48) 

The Brahmas and other lords of the mundane worlds appear from the pores of the Maha-Vishnu and remain alive for the duration of His one exhalation. I adore the primeval Lord, Govinda, for Maha-Vishnu is a portion of His plenary portion of Him.

Brahmavaivarta Purana (Brahma Khanda, chapter 13) mentions the word of Shiva in which Shiva reveals the original position of the Original Personality. Lord Shiva says to a brahmana

Lord Krishna who is eternally present in the Supreme Planet Goloka which is self-illuminating and benefactor of all devotional moods, is also residing in Vaikuntha (as Vaikuntha Narayana) and at Swetadwipa (as Kshirodakshayi Vishnu). Just as there is no difference between fire and its spark similarly there is no difference between Anshi (the origin of expansions, Lord Krishna) and Ansh (the expansion, Lord Vishnu).

Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.85.31) describes Devaki’s prayer and confirms the related statement

My dear Krishna, I know that Maha-Vishnu, who is lying in the causal ocean of the cosmic manifestation, and who is the source of this whole creation, is simply an expansion of Your plenary portion. Creation, maintenance, and annihilation of this cosmic manifestation are being effected only by Your plenary portion. I am, therefore, taking shelter of You without any reservation.

Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.14.14) mentions Narayana as Krishna's plenary portion

O Lord of lords, O Lord Krishna, You are the seer of all creation. You are indeed everyone’s dearest life. Are You not, therefore, my father, Narayana? The sacred name 'Narayana' refers to one whose abode is in the water born from Nara (that is Garbhodakashayi Vishnu). Indeed, that Narayana is also Your plenary portion. All Your plenary portions are transcendental. They are absolute and are not creations of Maya.

Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.14.19) describes Krishna as Lord of all the three deities, Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva 

O Lord Krishna, persons who are unaware of Your inconceivable energy cannot understand that You alone expand Yourself as the creator Brahma, maintainer Vishnu, and annihilator Shiva. Persons who are not in awareness of things as they contemplate that I, Brahma, am the creator, Vishnu is the maintainer, and Lord Shiva is the annihilator. Actually, You are alone everything: creator, maintainer and annihilator.

Shrimad-Bhagavatam (1.9.32) describes that Lord Krishna is the origin of the Purusha-Avatars, who are the creators of the material universes, is confirmed in the following prayer spoken by Bhishmadeva to Lord Krishna 

Let me now invest my thinking, feeling and willing, which were so long engaged in different subjects and occupational duties, in the all-powerful Lord Shri Krishna. He is always self-satisfied, but sometimes, being the leader of the devotees, He enjoys transcendental pleasure by descending on the material world, although from Him only the material world is created.


Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.87.46) confirms, where Narada Muni offers the following prayer
I offer my respectful obeisances to Lord Krishna, the all-knowing Original Personality of Godhead who, in order to liberate the conditioned souls, accepts the auspicious forms of His many incarnations.

Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.10.34) also validates this in the following verse spoken by Nalakuvara and Manigriva to Lord Krishna
Appearing in bodies like those of an ordinary fish, tortoise and hog, You exhibit activities impossible for such creatures to perform: extraordinary, incomparable, transcendental activities of unlimited power and strength. These bodies of Yours, therefore, are not made of material elements but are incarnations of Your Supreme Personality.

Brahma Samhita (5.46) mentions Krishna to be the origin of all Avataras in the following manner
The light of one candle being communicated to other candles, although it burns separately in them, is the same in its quality. I adore the primeval Lord Govinda who exhibits Himself equally in the same mobile manner in His various manifestations. We must understand that although all candles have the same potency, the original candle still retains its uniqueness. Krishna is like that original candle, the source of all incarnations.

Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.8.15) confirms Krishna to be the origin of all Incarnations in the following verse spoken by Gargacharya to Nanda Maharaja
This son of yours, has many names and appears in different forms according to His transcendental qualities and activities. These are known to me, but people, in general, do not understand them.

Shrimad-Bhagavatam (10.14.20) mentions the following verse spoken by Brahma to Lord Krishna
O Original Personality of Godhead, O creator of the entire cosmic manifestation, although You never take birth, You nevertheless appear among the demigods, sages, human beings, animals, and aquatics, in order to crush the false pride of the demons, and bestow Your mercy to the saintly devotees.

Brahma Samhita (5.12) repeats the similar facts in the following verse which was revealed by Lord Brahma 
I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, who manifested Himself personally as Krishna and the different avatars in the world in the forms of Rama, Nrisimha, Vamana, etc. as His subjective portions.

So in a short conclusion, we understand that Krishna is The Original God.


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Silent Meditation | Light Meditation | Did you take your pills today???

We have a pet dog, named Leo. Sometimes when it gets sick, we need to give him pills (medicine). But it is challenging to make him take the medicine, as he doesn't seem to like the taste. So my mother hides the pills in between pieces of bread and he happily eats it. Slowly he gets cured.

But if Leo starts to think that he is getting cured just by eating the bread and not the pills,  then he is not intelligent.

It is ok for a dog to be ignorant but ironically many times we, the intelligent human beings, behave like Leo. We tend to take out God (the Pill which cures us) and follow the externals only.

Let us see how by few examples.


Now a days Meditation is a hot topic everywhere. Every other guru comes up with his or her formula of Meditation and gives it a cool branding name of so-and-so kriya. However their process of meditation doesn't involve God anywhere. They focus on light or blank emptiness or imaginary objects like light on navel or between forehead.

Let us see what guidance scriptures give to a yogi practicing meditation.

After sitting in the above manner, make the mind remember the three transcendental letters [a-u-m], and by regulating the breathing process, control the mind so as not to forget the transcendental seed.

Gradually, as the mind becomes progressively spiritualized, withdraw it from sense activities, and by intelligence the senses will be controlled. The mind too absorbed in material activities can be engaged in the service of the Personality of Godhead and become fixed in full transcendental consciousness.

Thereafter, you should meditate upon the limbs of Viṣṇu, one after another, without being deviated from the conception of the complete body. Thus the mind becomes free from all sense objects. There should be no other thing to be thought upon. Because the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Viṣṇu, is the Ultimate Truth, the mind becomes completely reconciled in Him only.
[Srimad Bhagvatam 2.1.17 - 19]

From the below verse of Srimad Bhagavad Gita we understand a-u-m is referring to none other than Krishna.

O son of Kuntī, I am the taste of water, the light of the sun and the moon, the syllable oṁ in the Vedic mantras; I am the sound in ether and ability in man.

[Srimad Bhagavad Gita 7.8]

Therefore the scriptural guidance for someone trying Meditation is to start with focusing on the impersonal form of Lord and slowly as he grows with practice, he should try to focus on beautiful personal form of the Lord. Whatever the stage of the meditator be, neophyte- meditating on impersonal a-u-m or an expert - meditating on the beautiful personal form of Lord, he must be having Lord as the object of Meditation.

But how many of the modern meditation guru or instructors or institutions abide by this philosophy?

They simply takes out the pills (the Lord) from the bread (process of meditation) and think they will get cured (attain the highest goal).

They cheat the innocent people. If we simply sit for sometime without doing any activity, close our eyes, breath deep, automatically our body and mind tends to feel relaxed and fresh. Due to intake of more oxygen and giving rest to eyes. But this is not meditation nor is it the actual goal of meditation.

Meditation is practiced to seek the Higher Truth. Peaceful mind comes as a byproduct.

How is it possible to seek The Truth by rejecting The Supreme Absolute Truth???

Center of our thought

Scriptures say Kirtaniya Sada Hari, always glorify the Lord

But we remove God from the statement and sing songs of glorification for everyone, our parents,  children,  spouse,  country, corrupt leaders, celebrities, sportsmen, our boss, aliens, everyone but not God!!!


Scriptures say Yoga means to connect with God

Purpose of Yoga is to Attain God Realization and Yoga asana is to pacify the mind to attain the goal of yoga.

But we remove God and hit the gym or yoga classes to keep ourselves strong, fit and young. Goal? To be another slim, trim, handsome (and temporary) showpiece in the museum of Maya.

Brotherhood formula

Scriptures say Serve everyone, keeping God in the center and spread universal brotherhood.

But we remove God from the statement and try to serve others. Result? Exploitation and frustration.

But we can see in institutions built around Krishna is a living example of having universal brotherhood which transcends Nationality or Birth or Gender.

Where are we going wrong?

True spirituality means to include God or Krishna in everything we do or think. Practicing in such a way our consciousness gets embraced by Him. This state of constant remembrance of God is called Samadhi.

Thus the highest goal of spiritual life is to attain God / Krishna Consciousness.

The living entities who dwell this planet, trying to enjoy everything,  ignoring or rejecting or forgetting God are called animals, as mentioned in Vedic Literature.

Eating, Sleeping, Defending and Mating, these acts of humans are similar to animals. Of them (humans), God Consciousness is the only special thing, without this humans are also animals.

Not all animals are 4 legged, some are 2 legged too and some amongst these 2 legged animals take the role of preaching spirituality. Let us not fool ourselves by following the footsteps of such animals, who are teaching us animal life in the name of spirituality.

We must be careful to choose the source of our Knowledge. 


It is revealed by Krishna in Srimad Bhagavad Gita that top most yogi is His devotee.

And of all yogīs, the one with great faith who always abides in Me, thinks of Me within himself and renders transcendental loving service to Me – he is the most intimately united with Me in yoga and is the highest of all. That is My opinion. 
[Srimad Bhagavad Gita 6.47]

Let us remember these 2 slokas always in our life and lead a life of a devotee 24×7, it won't matter if we are at home, temple, school or corporate jungle with sophisticated animals around.  

Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer or give away, and whatever austerities you perform – do that, O son of Kunti, as an offering to Me.

In this way, you will be freed from bondage to work and its auspicious and inauspicious results. With your mind fixed on Me in this principle of renunciation, you will be liberated and come to Me.
[Srimad Bhagavad Gita 9.27 - 9.28]

Starting today, whatever we do, let us pause and think for a moment, are we taking the pill or dropping the pill, for let us remember it is the pill that will cure us not the bread.


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